To ensure your ZERO1 maintains its high level of performance and player protection, reconditioning and recertification is required every two years. The VICIS Reconditioning and Recertification Program (VICIS R2) includes inspection, cleaning, maintenance, nocsae testing & recertification and if necessary, polishing of the outer shell, parts replacement and repainting. During this process you may also request that additional parts or services be applied to your helmet


1    COMPLETE CHECKOUT PROCESS: Complete the checkout process at the following link:  Complete Your R² Order Here

2    CONFIRMATION: Following checkout, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to further reconditioning details and a list of optional services

3   SHIPPING: Shipment to VICIS or a VICIS certified R² partner is not included in R costs. Return shipping is included.

INSPECTION: We will inspect your helmet(s) and provide service recommendations and a quote for any work that is not covered under the warranty, but which is required for recertification. No additional work will be performed without your approval.R² SERVICES: We’ll recondition your ZERO1 to NOCSAE Standards and VICIS specifications.OPTIONAL SERVICES: We will perform any requested optional services.

5    YOUR ZERO1 IS READY: Your factory reconditioned and recertified ZERO1 will be returned to you in approximately 6-8 weeks, ready to provide outstanding performance and protection for another season of play.


What’s included:

- Comprehensive inspection performed by a highly-trained VICIS technician.
- A 34-point inspection of the VICIS RFLX© layer.
- Thorough cleaning, sanitation and reinstallation of each specific component part that initially shipped with the helmet. Same - parts, same helmet.
- Replacement of attachment hardware for the chinstrap and facemask (snap posts, T-nuts, and screws), if necessary.
- Polishing of the ZERO1 outer shell.
- Any warranty repairs.Estimate of the costs provided in advance of services being performed.Complete testing and recertification.

If additional replacement parts or services are required, you will receive a quote prior to the completion of any R² services.

Please note: repainting (unless required to pass recertification), facemask refinishing, and initial shipping are not included in the base R² service.

For Team reconditioning services, please contact your VICIS representative.