October 28, 2019

Providing the best football helmets to every player can be challenging when equipment costs outpace available budgets. At VICIS, our mission is to do everything we can to better protect players at every level of the game. That is why we’ve introduced VICIS Pro Care—a simple program to bundle all costs associated with your team’s helmets into a low annual payment. The result: teams can now get the top-ranked helmet for a more affordable price.

“Fruitport High School is not only one of the first VICIS ZERO1 full roster conversions in the upper mid-west, but we’re also the first program to sign up under VICIS Pro Care. This program removed all of the pricing and budgetary challenges to getting the team into the top performing ZERO1,” said Fruitport Head Coach Nate Smith.

VICIS Pro Care gives football programs access to VICIS ZERO1 and ZERO1 YOUTH helmets at reduced annual pricing compared to purchasing them upfront; it also includes the most comprehensive reconditioning services in the industry—all for an easy to budget, low annual fee.

Here is what is included:

  • We’ll outfit your players in the top-ranked VICIS ZERO1 or ZERO1 YOUTH helmets
  • Our comprehensive reconditioning and recertification program, R2, is included (every two years)at no extra cost
  • If something goes wrong with your helmet, we’ll fix it or replace it with our Helmet Availability Assurance
  • End of term options include buying the helmets outright for a $1 transaction fee or returning them to VICIS for a credit toward your next purchase or VICIS Pro Care renewal

Contact us at or 206.456.6680 and we’ll connect you to your local VICIS rep for more information.

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