August 12, 2019

VICIS, a global leader in head protection technology and headgear, today announced that five of the most prominent Seattle-area youth football programs will equip their full team rosters with the ZERO1 YOUTH helmet for the 2019/20 season. With the conversion to the ZERO1 YOUTH, Bellevue Junior Wolverines, Mercer Island Youth Football, Eastside Crusaders Junior Football, Eastlake Youth Football Association and Everett Junior Wildcats Football lead the charge to offer kids the best available protection, putting Puget Sound at the forefront of youth football innovation and safety.

The ZERO1 YOUTH is the first football helmet engineered specifically for young players and the impacts they face on the field. It was recently awarded the highest-available 5 STAR rating in Virginia Tech’s inaugural youth football ratings, which rate helmets based on the impact frequency and severity specifically observed in youth play. The ZERO1 YOUTH not only outperformed all youth helmets, but also received the best score for any football helmet ever tested by the organization. Like the VICIS ZERO1, the ZERO1 YOUTH features a deformable outer shell and unique columnar layer designed to slow impact forces like a car bumper. The helmet features a lightweight, compact design tailored to youth anatomies and offers the industry’s widest field of view, allowing young players to see more of the field and react more quickly to potential impacts.

“It is our responsibility as parents, coaches and community to provide our kids with the best protection possible, so they can grow as athletes and as team members,” said Greg Pardee, President, Bellevue Junior Wolverines. “The fact that VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH topped the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings is a validation of our choice.”

The five programs share a long-term commitment to youth football safety and have a track record of pioneering innovative programs designed to protect athletes while giving kids the benefits of participating in a team sport.

“After Mercer Island High School equipped their players in VICIS ZERO1 last year, it quickly became clear there was no comparison when it comes to the protection and performance of VICIS helmets,” said Becky Shaddle, Athletic Director, Mercer Island Youth Football. “We couldn’t wait to equip our youth players with the ZERO1 YOUTH and give parents and our community the confidence that their kids have the best protection available.”

“VICIS’ mission is to protect athletes of all ages,” said Dave Marver, CEO and co-founder, VICIS. “We are proud to partner with these outstanding youth football programs as they invest in the best protective technology for their kids.”

For additional information about VICIS and the ZERO1 YOUTH and to reserve a helmet for your player, visit Teams can receive significant discounts by ordering before April 30, 2019.

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